I Want To Hear Your Thoughts

I Want To Hear Your Thoughts

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The very first version of OneWatt when we joined AngelHack. It’s like spaghetti served on top of an electronic circuit.

Literally, my mom doesn’t know what I am doing with my life.

Most of the time, people only see the successes. However, there are a lot more fights, failures, freakouts for every achievement we unlock. Be prepared to lose out to juicers, be left with three digits in your bank account, and attend conferences for free food as you pursue your dreams.

It takes time before a handful of people understand what we were trying to do. It took several months for them to see our value, initially preferring smart juicers over a solution that tries to solve the energy crisis. This, however, ignited our obsession to show how we can make a difference globally. We learned to hear out these people so we could adapt our values to theirs.

Me presenting at the ABB AI Demo Day in Berlin. OneWatt came in as the runner-up after showing how our technology can help ABB and their industrial partners achieve their goals.

If that hasn’t discouraged you yet, and still considering working for or on a startup, but not sure if you have the passion, the skills, and resources? Then join me as I go through the highs and lows of our journey building our own startup, OneWatt.

Thanks to the efforts of DTI, DOST and DICT, I will be attending the Inclusive Innovation Conference on Sept 23 at Sofitel to tell the good side of the story and how we made it through those dark times.

I like hearing interesting stories and challenges from everyone, so do chat me up after the event.

Paolo Samontanez

Paolo Samontanez

CTO & "Thinking Tank"

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